About us

We are driven to deliver business impact

Our background in Materials Science, Engineering and Production combined for AM is critical in understanding and solving the problems our clients face. The team is composed of five core members and a supporting network of partners who work with us on specific industry applications. Magnitudes’ primary focus is on building knowledge verticals in aerospace, materials science, software and manufacturing. Because we choose close working relationships within our network, we can always guarantee their results in everything that we do and ensure that we have the best people and knowledge to support us.

Our Team

Maciej Tusz

Founder & CEO

With his background in materials science and aerospace engineering, Maciej has spent his career characterizing aerospace materials and bringing manufacturing processes to production readiness. He has supported aerospace and Formula 1 companies in process development and qualification in metal AM. Since 2013, he has supported OEMs and their suppliers in AM by bringing critical applications into production and fast-tracking their learning curve.

Sven Wimmer

Operational Excellence Consultant

Sven has a decade of experience in the field of Lean Management within Operational Excellence. He specializes in the comprehensive optimization of high-mix low-volume production. In the Additive Manufacturing space, this means that his methodical portfolio touches the building process itself as well as the up- and downstream steps with the goal to improve total productivity by reducing throughput times and organizational effort.

Caterina Pampolari

Marketing Manager

Cate handles all things marketing and communications for Magnitude. Her background is in business administration, digital technologies and entrepreneurship. She has previously worked in international marketing, she managed technology projects and led business development for both B2B and B2C products and services.

Felipe Hernandez

Industrial Designer

Felipe is an experienced Industrial Designer for consumer goods and Additive Manufacturing in plastics and metals. He worked as an AM component Design Engineer and specializes in the design of metal CubeSat components. Felipe has developed entrepreneurial projects using AM and Design Thinking as a tool for innovation and disruption. He has AM certified knowledge in machine operation, design rules, part qualification and 3D scanning.

Matthew Harris

Production Engineer

Matthew has a background in production management and mechanical engineering. He entered the metal additive manufacturing (AM) sector as a qualification engineer in 2011. Since then, he has grown into the role of project manager where he has assisted aerospace clients, as well as clients from other fields, in the development of their metal AM parts. Matthew has developed a wide range of competencies in process qualification & development, materials science and project management.

Rémy Ganaye

Product Development

Rémy supports the team in the design and development of AlfaFlow. Since 2016 he has gained extensive practical experience as a metrology technician and production manager at Ariane Group and he is currently completing his degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in Production & Maintenance.

We are always looking for brilliant people and ideas. If you want to work with us, partner with us to take your idea to the next level, or want to learn more about commercial or career opportunities at Magnitude, please do get in touch!