Operational Excellence Training

Gold standards of Operational Excellence in AM development and production

Magnitude offers an open classroom training for clients who are willing to improve their production performance and productivity in a comprehensive way by following the ideas and well-proven approaches of operational excellence.

Operational Excellence Overview

Boost performance and productivity with Operational Excellence

Magnitude has selected a set of methods and tools that are especially applicable to the specific needs of additive manufacturing (including Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing). By theoretical input and practical application in representative examples of the lean production environment, the best possible know-how transfer is assured.

Designed for: Management, Process, Quality, Production Engineers

Format: 2 days, 100 % workshops

This comprehensive training includes the following key topic areas:
  • Process and machine performance
  • Production control and environment
  • Continuous improvement mindset
Operational Excellence Training Modules
Module 1 – Process and machine performance

Fast Changeover (SMED)

Minimizing the time gap between two building jobs.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Maximizing the technical availability of the machine for higher output.

Value stream analysis and design

Exploring the optimization potentials not only in production, but in the whole process chain from a customer order until job shipment.

Standardized Processes (5S)

Understanding the effective impact of standardization for higher quality and flexibility of the workforce.
Module 2 – Production control and environment

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and KPIs

Understanding how to systematically measure your process performance in order to identify improvement potentials.

Leveling and Smoothing (Heijunka) production

Procedures to improve processes of planning jobs and resources for improved cost efficiency

Factory Layout

Minimizing losses in workflows and improving work safety.
Module 3 – Continuous improvement mindset

Kaizen & elimination of losses

Understanding the broad range of losses in your processes and learning how to implement a comprehensive mindset for continuous improvement.

Shop floor management

Visual management maximizes transparency of information and involves workers in problem solving.

Methodical Problem Solving

Ishikawa, PDCA, A3-report are well-known methods to assure root-cause analysis and sustainable solving of problems for higher process quality and stability.

Advance your operations to the highest levels of quality and productivity