Improving your Metal AM Process Performance

Uptimo is a predictive performance analytics application that increases the profitability of your Metal AM production. It is a set of proprietary algorithms that analyze your production data and provide continuous feedback about Additive Manufacturing systems and operations.

Uptimo Overview

Uptimo delivers valuable production insights to drive project review meetings

While supporting metal AM companies, we have developed objective analysis algorithms that evaluate the planning and performance of machines to reveal where time and machine capacity are underutilized. This, in turn, helps manufacturers make decisions on what production bottlenecks to focus on, including machine planning, build layout and parameter optimization, as well as any aspect of the metal AM process that impacts the costs and quality of the final product. By working on eliminating these wastes, Uptimo helps to maximize the capacity of existing systems and save manufacturers investment costs on additional equipment.

Your organization will increase ROI and reduce waste with software that offers the following benefits:
  • Defines inefficiencies for a hierarchical waste management
  • Maximises machine utilization and process efficiency
  • Allows metrics comparison between projects, independent of specific machine, materials and applications
  • KPIs tailored for the AM industry
  • Supports decision making process on the final pricing of goods
  • Dynamic improvement in procedures and reduction of failures
  • Uptimo is fully customizable to your production needs
Uptimo uses client Project Data provided securely and confidentially in order determine the efficiency of your AM production.
Data used includes details of machines and their settings as well as specifications of the parts being produced.
Uptimo’s industry-first algorithms track and prioritize production wastes and provide dynamic pricing for a holistic overview of your AM investments.
Uptimo analysis includes breakdown of efficiency based on machines, materials, operators and types of projects categorizing waste as well as monitoring employee and process improvements and training.

Operational Excellence in AM

In order to provide high level analytics and oversight across the entire additive chain, Uptimo is designed around Operational Excellence principles. Operational excellence is widely used in advanced manufacturing, but never in AM companies due to the complexity, specificity, and constant evolution of production processes, until now.

Predictive project performance

The main features of Uptimo are the predictive performance metrics of AMI, Planning, Parameters and Parts. The AM Index, or AMI, is an indicator of machine-specific performance on project basis, or system basis over a defined time period. Additionally, there are metrics that reveal machine performance based on organizational-level workflow, and on components such as machine preparation, scheduling, parameter productivity, support volume, etc. These components contribute to making the highest quality additive part in the shortest amount of time.

Production waste management

Uptimo makes suggestions on how to improve your production process by analysing the waste identified in the production chain by waste type. Information is used to determine where resources should be allocated and the financial and time benefits this will provide to your organization. These insights provide users with control of their operations and oversight into any aspect of the production chain that may go wrong on a continuous basis.

Uptimo application is free to try and requires no commitment so please get in touch with us and we will help you get started today!