We offer technical services and training for improving product quality and capabilities

To help our clients solve production specific challenges and develop internal AM capabilities, we offer a range of technical services and training modules. Our application-focused services aim to help clients improve the specific parts they are developing. And our training modules are for customers looking to improve their overall effectiveness in AM production in the short, medium and long term.

Metal AM Technology Assessment (Gap Analysis)

An SLM gap analysis results in a detailed understanding of your AM businesses through a 10-dimension assessment and a set of insights and opportunity areas for improving your offering, developing a competitive advantage and growing your AM business.

R&D Foundations

We developed and teach a comprehensive classroom and workshop style seminar on AM process with regards to additive manufacturing operations that helps your engineers practically build new skills, tools and approaches for R&D in the AM space.

Process FMEA

The Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) is an AM-specific service based on a tool used in the automotive and aerospace industries for preventing quality issues from occurring in a production or development environment.

Operational Excellence in AM


We will design and run a bespoke training programme based on your unique organizational needs introducing your technical staff and managers to validated approaches of Operational Excellence for companies who want to improve their production performance and productivity.

Support hotline

We offer a quick response support service for our customers within 24-hours of contact virtually on every topic or challenge you may be facing in your AM operations.