Facing obstacles to profitability in metal AM

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Facing obstacles to profitability in metal AM: An Operational Excellence perspective

Just as Design for AM demands an entirely new mindset to be truly effective, understanding efficient AM machine utilisation in order to drive profitability also requires a major shift from conventional practices.

In the article published in the MetalAM Magazine Vol. 6 Summer issue 2020, page 147, Magnitude Innovations’s Matt Tusz, Founder and CEO, and Caterina Pampolari, Business Development Manager, explore operational and financial losses in metal Additive Manufacturing. They offer advice on how to overcome these growth barriers through production efficiency and profitable pricing strategies, with a focus on Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement.


Link to the full issue – you can find us on page 147

About Uptimo

Uptimo is an intelligent AM optimization platform for small to large metal AM manufacturers needing to drastically improve machine productivity whilst cutting the carbon footprint, manufacturing thousands of components.

Using its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Uptimo captures and analyses AM production variables across whole fleets to deliver

  • Massive efficiencies – manufacturers can share analytics on the costs, performance and production quality.
  • Carbon auditable – Uptimo captures the entire AM production cycle to help manufacturers drive sustainable practices and decisions.
  • Data asset class – anonymized production data can be commoditized and sold into supply chains – improving output and reducing upstream risk.