Risk Mitigation in metal AM

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Metal AM Risk Mitigation through Operational Excellence: a presentation at the virtual TIPE conference.

January 2022, TIPE 3D Printing virtual conference – Caterina Pampolari, Product Manager of Magnitude Innovations presents on ‘Mitigating risks in metal AM through Operational Excellence practices’ at the TIPE conference from Women in 3D Printing, for the Economics track.

With disruptive technologies comes a need to redefine internal processes and business models to maximize value for the organization. Metal AM is no different in this regard and requires the creation of unique processes and novel business strategies for executing on manufacturing projects relative to traditional manufacturing. If not done properly, the profitability of the entire business is at risk.

In this presentation, we will share methods of reducing and, to the extent possible, eliminating these production risks for manufacturers to become profitable in metal AM with the help of software and operational excellence tools.

Points discussed
  • Waste management in the metal AM production environment
  • Cost analysis and control as the basis of risk management
  • Continuous improvement analytics
Key takeaways
  • Measure downtime as accurately as possible, for each system
    (e.g. with Excel or other tools that easily allow data analysis)
  • Monthly review of the actual downtime against projections and adjustment of the hourly rates when needed
  • Biweekly review meetings introducing data that enables targeted corrective actions
    (e.g. Periodically collecting data on capacity, quality and costs)
  • Have minimum queue ready for every machine

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About Magnitude Innovations

Magnitude is a software development and technical consulting firm specialising in Additive Manufacturing (AM) process improvements and the use of Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LBPF) technology in industrial applications. With its team’s combined knowledge of over twenty years in AM, the company has developed Uptimo, an intelligent software solution designed to improve the overall efficiency of any metal AM production.