Uptimo: The right KPIs to improve metal AM performance

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Official Press Release

Chicago, USA – May 2019

The company Magnitude Innovations Inc., based in Illinois, USA, has recently developed a software that increases the profitability of metal Additive production called Uptimo. This one-of-a-kind software analyses production data and provides instant feedback on Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems and operations through predictive performance analytics.

Uptimo contains analysis algorithms tailored for the AM industry, which evaluate the planning and performance of machines to reveal where time and machine capacity are underutilized. This application helps manufacturers make decisions on what production bottlenecks to focus on, such as machine planning, build layout and parameter optimization. By focusing on eliminating these wastes, it is possible to achieve an optimized utilization of existing systems and save manufacturers investment costs on additional equipment.

Thanks to Uptimo’s unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), it is simple to identify where and how waste is being created, define preventative measures and train the organization towards reaching optimal performance. This solution promises a significant increase in profits as well as a reduction in wastes through a unique software package that offers the following benefits:

  • Fully customized solution
  • Defines inefficiencies for a hierarchical waste management
  • Maximises machine utilization and process efficiency
  • Metrics comparison between projects, independent of specific machine, materials and applications
  • KPIs tailored for the AM industry
  • Support in the decision making process on the final pricing of goods
  • Dynamic improvement in procedures and reduction of failures

Operational Excellence specifically made for the Additive world.
In order to provide high level analytics and oversight across the entire additive chain, Uptimo is designed around Operational Excellence principles. Operational excellence tools and techniques are widely used in advanced manufacturing, but hardly in AM companies due to the complexity, specificity, and constant evolution of production processes, until now. Magnitude’s product makes it possible to reach the efficiency of lean manufacturing even in the complex world of Additive Manufacturing through two main features:

Project Predictive Performance
Uptimo analyses the production process mainly through four predictive performance metrics, namely AMI, Planning, Parameters and Parts. The AM Index, or AMI, is an indicator of machine-specific performance on an individual project basis, or to monitor the systems over a defined time period, in order to reveal the level at which they are performing. The other metrics reveal insights on how well the production is scheduled, how efficient are the process settings and which level of quality is being achieved.

Smart resource allocation
Besides for quantifying the AM production practices, Uptimo makes suggestions on how to improve them through the wastes identified in the manufacturing chain. This information is used to determine where resources should be allocated and the concrete benefits, financially or in terms of time savings, this will provide to an organization. Combined, these insights provide users with control of their operations and oversight into any aspect of the production chain that may go wrong in subsequent projects.

The trial version of Uptimo has successfully been completed, contact the team today to ‘uptimise’ your production at

About Magnitude Innovations Inc.
Based in Des Plaines (IL), United States, Magnitude is a software development and technical consulting firm specialised in Additive Manufacturing (AM) process improvements and use of Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LBPF) technology in industrial applications. With its team’s combined knowledge of over twenty years in AM, the company has developed Uptimo, an intelligent software solution designed to improve the overall efficiency of any meta AM production.