Parameter Development for Aerospace Applications

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Parameter Development for Aerospace Applications: a presentation at the IMTS Additive Manufacturing Conference in Chicago.

September 2018, Chicago, IL (USA) – Matt Tusz, founder and director of Magnitude Innovations Inc. presents on ‘Exploring Additive Technologies for AM Production’ at the IMTS Additive Manufacturing Conference.

Just like a pair of shoes is never tailor-made for your feet, metal processing parameters are designed for fulfilling multiple material requirements independent of geometries. In critical aerospace applications, process limitations are at times discovered much too late for significant delays and cost overruns to be avoided.

Based on this demand and Magnitude’s expertise, we present a methodology and success story of an application that demanded significant parameter redesign and optimization to meet final application needs. Through this example of an aerospace titanium hydraulic manifold, we address the challenges faced with printing large geometries which are victim to extreme residual stresses, subsurface porosity and high fatigue requirements and demonstrate how this approach can be transferred to other specific applications.

Magnitude’s presentation at the IMTS conference: A guide through the qualification, validation, and parameter vs material development process flow for aerospace applications with case study to demonstrate the process.

View the video on our youtube channel.

Magnitude Application Case Study
Aeronautical hydraulic manifold developed in collaboration with Spartacus 3D: Successful redesign and development of dedicated process parameters for a hydraulic manifold. The design challenge was to create a 100% self-supporting geometry complying to aerospace qualification requirements, while the process parameters needed to meet the fatigue requirements of an Aerospace OEM, optimize part weight and building time, improve surface finish and eliminate subsurface porosity.